Why this project Romana?

How and why was this project born?

The idea for ​​this project was born in 2017, when I was asked to write a contribution for the journal gender/sexuality/italy 4 (2017), on the state of the art of girlhood studies in Italy (the title of the intervention is Girls and the Media: Girlhood Studies Agenda and Prospects in Italy). In that same issue, Danielle also wrote on the perspective of girlhood studies in Italy, and we met and compared each other at a distance. Hence, the idea was born to ​​collaborate and think of a research idea in which we could combine her experience on media texts and my research on audiences.

What do you hope the impact of this project will be?

This type of project has at least two objectives. The first is to take a step forward in the reflection on girlhood studies, especially in light of the most recent transformations of the media system that have produced a hitherto unpredictable increase in the supply of content. For the adolescent target, there is a multiplication of representations that can be appropriated by the audience as well as a wider circulation of audience speeches on gender-related issues. The second objective is to enable the protagonists of this project to participate, creating engagement and participation activities with the schools involved in order to encourage a real take-over of the research results and promote greater awareness on these issues.

What sort of films or TV shows on girlhood did you grow up watching?

Perhaps the TV series that most characterised my adolescence was Beverly Hills 90210. It is singular that after many years I now deal with teenage TV series as a scholar.

What are your favourite films or TV shows about girlhood today? 

It is difficult to identify just one, and in any case these are recent series not linked to my biography. I loved The end of the fucking world, Euphoria, The Queen’s Gambit and Skam very much.

What films or TV shows that you know of now would you recommend to your younger self?

Definitely Sex Education!