UPCOMING – Sapienza, University of Rome 15-16 October 2021

Gender and Media Matters Widening the Horizons of the Field of Study International Conference

Romana Andò and Danielle Hipkins present: ‘Chiara is a bit like any girl – she is flawed and makes mistakes’: Negotiating adolescent female sexuality through the Netflix series Baby (2018-20) in Italy and the UK 

The American Association for Italian Studies (AAIS)- 3 June 2021

AAIS Virtual Conference

Danielle Hipkins and Romana Andò present: Italian Girlhoods on Screen

University of Texas at Austin – 30 April 2021

FIGSO Speaker Series – “A Girls’ Eye View of the Italian Screen” with Dr. Danielle Hipkins (University of Exeter)

Danielle Hipkins presents: A Girls’ Eye View of the Italian Screen

University of Bristol – 3 March 2021

Screen Research Conversation on Girlhood

Danielle Hipkins presents: A Girls’ Eye-view: Girlhood on the Italian screen since the 1950s’