A Girls’ Eye View Network Workshop

Santa Severa Castle 20-22 June 2023

Photo Gallery of the event here


Texan Christian University- Fort Worth, TX – May 18-20, 2023

The 2023 Console-ing Passions: International Conference on Television, Video, Audio, New Media and Feminism

 University of Calgary, Canada on June 22 – 24, 2023.

Girlhood and Contemporary Cinema – Screen Studies Research Event

Dr. Alice Pember (University of Warwick), New Girls on the Block: Music and Dance as Spaces of Aesthetic Politics in Fish Tank (2009) and Rocks (2020) (BAFTSS New Connections Speaker)

Professor Rob Stone (University of Birmingham), ‘It’s given. To me by me.’: Self-determination in Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird (2017).

Dr. Andrea Regueira Martìn (University of Zaragoza), Beyond Girlhood: The lengthening road to womanhood in contemporary cinema

Screening Spaces of Youth

Free Online Symposium for youth media scholars

Zoom 2 Giugno 2023


Romana Andò presents the PCTO at Sapienza University of Rome- Winter/Spring 2022-2023

The PCTO is now on! It focuses on female adolescence and cinema, an offshoot of the A Girls’Eye View Project. The project will be inaugurated by Carolina Cavalli’s film Amanda to the students of 4 high schools in Rome and its province

II International Conference on Discourses of Fictional (Digital) TV Series 

19-21 October 2022 Universitat de València

Romana Andò (Sapienza University of Rome) and Maria Elena Alampi (University of Exeter) present: A Girls’ Eye-view. Exploring girlhood media representations through the lens of Italian female adolescence

Rome Film Festival: Il cinema della ragazze.Storie e ritratti di adolescenti davanti e dentro gli schermi

15 October 2022 10 am

SPAZIO REGIONE LAZIO ROMA LAZIO FILM COMMISSION – Auditorium Arte, Auditorium Parco della Musica– Rome

Organizer: Sapienza Università di Roma e University of Exeter (UK) in collaboration with WIFTMI

Le Rappresentazioni di genere nei media

11 Oct 7 pm – Scaravilli Square- Bologna

Università di Bari- Seminar: Genere, media, generazioni: gioventù e vecchiaia nel cinema e nella TV

10 Oct 2022- 9-11.30 am Aula Giugni

Prof. Romana Andò (Sapienza University of Rome): L’adolescenza femminile nel cinema e nelle serialità italiane. Lo sguardo delle ragazze.

Writing Transnational Girlhoods across Literature, Media and Society – Seminar Series

6 October 2022 – Online Seminar 6:00PM – 7:30PM

Prof. Danielle Hipkins (Exeter); Prof. Romana Andò (Sapienza University of Rome)

A Girl’s Eye-view. Exploring media representations of girlhood through the lens of Italian female adolescence 

Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing (CCWW) INSTITUTE OF MODERN LANGUAGES RESEARCH School of Advanced Study • University of London

EFM 2022 Conference

15-17 Sept 2022 – Athens, Greece

Romana Andò and Leonardo Campagna (Sapienza University of Rome) present: A Girls’ Eye-view. Exploring girlhood media representations through the lens of Italian female adolescence

Reggio Calabria Film Fest 2022

August 26, 2022 Waterfront, Reggio Calabria, Italy

HipHop Cinefest

21 maggio all’ alle 17.00 presso Cinema L’Aquila 66-Roma/Pigneto

A Girls’ Eye View video challenge

Sapienza Università di Roma
10 May 2022, 10 am Aula Odeion, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia

Bando for the Girls’Eye View Video Challenge

The bando for the school partners:

EXETER PHOENIX 5 March – 27 April 2022

A Season of Girlhood (ON SCREEN)

This spring Exeter Phoenix shines a light on Girlhood. Through a season of screenings, talks and events we will explore the space that connects and divides us and witness the experiences, which shape the charged energy of youth and all the joy and pain that comes with being a girl.

There will be a focus on Italian cinema with regional previews of A CHIARA and NEVIA, which explore European experiences of Girlhood through special introductions from Girls Eye View.

Round table in Milan about “A Girls’ Eye-View” Project

Auditorium Salesiani “Don Bosco”, 18 november 2021

Sapienza, University of Rome 15-16 October 2021

Gender and Media Matters Widening the Horizons of the Field of Study International Conference

Romana Andò and Danielle Hipkins present: ‘Chiara is a bit like any girl – she is flawed and makes mistakes’: Negotiating adolescent female sexuality through the Netflix series Baby (2018-20) in Italy and the UK 

The American Association for Italian Studies (AAIS)- 3 June 2021

AAIS Virtual Conference

Danielle Hipkins and Romana Andò present: Italian Girlhoods on Screen

University of Texas at Austin – 30 April 2021

FIGSO Speaker Series – “A Girls’ Eye View of the Italian Screen” with Danielle Hipkins (University of Exeter)

Danielle Hipkins presents: A Girls’ Eye View of the Italian Screen

University of Bristol – 3 March 2021

Screen Research Conversation on Girlhood

Danielle Hipkins presents: A Girls’ Eye-view: Girlhood on the Italian screen since the 1950s’