School Projects

IIS “Caminiti Trimarchi” in Santa Teresa di Riva (ME)

Students guided by Prof. Antonella Gioitta and Prof. Eugenia Foti

At the conclusion of the project “A Girls’ Eye-View,” which involved several students from the two-year program at IIS “Caminiti Trimarchi” in Santa Teresa di Riva (ME), specifically from the Classical High School and the Scientific High School, in the second phase of the international research project, the girls, in addition to working with the Girls’Eye View research team in the initial months of the project to analyze the representation of female adolescence in Italian cinema through the screening of film excerpts from the famous TV series “Mare Fuori,” followed by a focus group for reflection, also independently conducted interviews as “young researchers” with adult female figures about their own adolescence, comparing the past and the present. They also worked on analyzing the different stages of film production that lead to the creation of a finished film on the screen, the development of a storyboard, and finally created a short video dedicated to the world of cinema and its specialized language, summarizing the journey they embarked on, which led to the study of specific terminology in the film industry. In the video, terms and definitions are combined with quotes from famous directors and movie posters, not only from Italian films but also international ones, using a combination of photographs and text. During the project, the girls were guided by teachers Antonella Gioitta and Eugenia Foti.