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Hiphop Cinefest – Teen films and TV

Cinema under 25. Is there an audience? What do teenagers expect from cinematic content and theatrical experience? What is the role of the platforms?

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Swamy Rotolo protagonist of “A Chiara” (Carpignano 2021) is the youngest woman actor to win the David di Donatello award

La Repubblica: Swamy Rotolo, the youngest leading woman actor to win the David: “I didn’t believe it, I was in school”

Swamy Rotolo is the youngest winner of a David di Donatello.

A Chiara: Intervista a Swamy Rotolo e Jonas Carpignano

ScreenWeek TV | Trailer e News sui Film al Cinema

The director Carpignano tells his story from the girl protagonist’s point of view

Girlhood | strength, resilience, celebration and scrutiny


As a curtain-raiser to the Girlhood season of films at the Exeter Phoenix Professor Danielle Hipkins and Professor Fiona Handyside present an introduction. We caught up with them to find out what to expect and what makes girlhood such an important issue for films to explore.

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Parliamone is a roundtable launched by Netflix Italia, which sees various figures discussing a key theme, namely that of representation in the media. This topic is becoming more and more central to debates by the day, and is one, on which the platform has proven to have a clear position. An interesting discussion arises, which is worth watching. How to represent all the nuances of Italy today in films and series? What are the most absurd prejudices that Afro-descendant Italians, of Asian or Arab origin have to deal with? And how to overcome them? This documentary invited Adrian Fartade, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, Momoka Banana, Haroun Fall and Beatrice Bruschi for the first episode of Parliamone moderated by Sumaya Abdel Qader.

Jonas Carpignano presents A Chiara Jonas Carpignano presents A Chiara
(Valerio Sammarco 9/7/2021)

The director is back to the Cannes Quinzaine with his new film, the third chapter of the trilogy set in Gioia Tauro (Calabria): “This time I tell the story of the underworld, the people involved in the underground economy created by the mafia”

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The New Italian Teen Movie and its Stars

LINK MAGAZINE: The New Italian Teen Movie and its Stars
(Rocco Moccagatta 17/04/2021)

In recent years, thanks to cinemas and on-demand, there has been a renewed Italian attention to the stories of teenagers as protagonists!

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«Carosello Carosone» e gli altri: largo ai giovani

Vanity Fair: «Carosello Carosone» e gli altri: largo ai giovani
(Mario Manca 19 marzo 2021)

Eduardo Scarpetta and Ludovica Martino in «Carosello Carosone» to Greta Ferro in «Made in Italy»; Valentina Romani, Nicolas Maupas and Giacomo Giorgio in “Mare Fuori” to Giulia Dragotto in “Anna”: long live the TV that looks at young people!

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