Academic article based on a pilot project about teen audience and TV series Baby:

Romana Andò, Danielle Hipkins, Teen Identity, Affect and Sex in Rome. Italian teen girl audiences and the dissonant pleasures of Netflix’s underage prostitution drama Baby, in “Studi culturali, Rivista quadrimestrale” 2/2022, pp. 207-232, doi: 10.1405/104692 https://www.rivisteweb.it/doi/10.1405/104692

What about the results of this project?

This project website will feature videographic essays which creatively weave quotations from our interviews and focus groups with film analysis, in order to offer an innovative means of engaging participants and public with our work. It will also feature reviews and creative responses from the school participants in the project. Later in the project, we will add a thematic database of oral history interviews conducted by young women with women of older generations.

We are preparing a co-authored book for Routledge’s ‘Research in Gender, Sexuality and Media’ series, entitled A Girls’ Eye View: Girlhood and Film in Italy. We will also publish an Italian translation of this. Using an innovative methodology that combines archival press research and star studies, textual analysis, and ethnographic work, it aims to write the neglected demographic of female audiences back into Italian cinema. A journal article co-authored by the PI and the RF will describe and analyse the methodology developed to train girls to dialogue with older generations about film and girl culture, and present its results. We will also produce an edited collection about Italian girl culture in the broader media landscape, based on a workshop with invited participants from our network.

Three intergenerational roundtables at major Italian film festivals will raise awareness of the representation of girlhood in Italian culture and will include young women, feminist activists, and figures from the industry: film critics, film makers and producers. We also plan to organize films screenings and thematic film festivals with cinemas in Italy and the UK.