Instructions Video Challenge


As part of the activities launched with schools for the “A Girls’Eye-view: Girlhood on the Italian screen since 1950s” project, the research team has introduced an important novelty: it is the A Girls’ Eye View Video Challenge contest, designed to involve female students from partner institutes in the production of short video essays (max between 5-7 minutes) starting from the viewing of an Italian film or TV series among those selected for the laboratory activities conducted starting from 2022.
The idea of the challenge as a creative and constructive space for discourse on girlhood was born from the observation of the level of involvement and passion shown by the students both during the individual interviews and during the meetings with the research team at the schools involved. Added to this positive attitude is the natural adolescent predisposition towards bottom-up audiovisual production, as a generational language and space for discussion.
The goal is, therefore, to collect their voices to make them the real protagonists – alongside those of the films and TV series – of this collective reflection on female adolescence.
The video essay that the students will have to make, working in small groups, consists of a small self-produced video that gives voice to the opinions, thoughts, and emotions of the girls on cinema and Italian seriality; the candidate works will be able to focus on the representation of one or more female protagonists, of a contemporary Italian film or television series, on their sentimental relationships and/or in the peer group, on the difficulties, challenges, and pleasures of adolescence.

The challenge aims to test the creativity of the students involved in the project, through the production of original audiovisual content that document in a concrete and vivid way what is emerging from the research on a theoretical and scientific reflection level. By engaging in research work and in the subsequent production of video essays, they will learn to materialize their audience thoughts about what they usually watch at the cinema, on national channels, or on platforms such as Netflix or RaiPlay in order to be their own testimony your own tastes and opinions.


To register for the competition, each group of partner schools must complete the REGISTRATION FORM (Form A) attached to the email and insert it in the body of the email:
• school and group data,
• a short description (synopsis) of the contents of the video (50 words),
• the link referring to the video produced with any password to be able to view it if uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube in a semi-private form with an access link or password.
The registration form will be saved in pdf format and signed by the referent. The document will be named as follows:
“Student surnames_ School name_PROJECT TITLE.pdf”

The signed form will be sent by e-mail to the address that will be communicated to you by a contact person from the research team

The candidate videos must be uploaded in full HD if possible on the Vimeo or YouTube platforms in private form (send the access link or password).1
The works must be between 5 and 7 minutes long and must be uploaded protected by a password on the Vimeo or YouTube platforms through an exclusive account of the Institute or of the participating class for the purposes of pre-selection for the competition.
Alternatively, it is possible to send the video via in mp4 or avi format. Attached 2 photos of the video presented in jpg format.
The subject of the email must be strictly the following:

“Student surnames_ School name_PROJECT TITLE” The attachments must not exceed a total of 2 Mb.
In the text of the email, it is required to indicate the information of the school, the contact details of the referent student, the title of the work, the name of the referent professor, a brief summary of max 4 lines, the link to the video and any password for viewing, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

The application form and the video must be received by 20 April 2023 subject to exclusion.

The paper must have a title on the cover before the video begins, and at the end must contain the so-called credits which consist of the:

1) name and surname of the participants,
2) name and logo of the school,
3) project logo,
4) The reference to the use of the film/TV series only for educational and research reasons.
5) name of the film/TV series with date and name of the director (e.g. The Last Kiss, Gabriele Muccino, 2001),
6) title of any song/s used with -singer’s name and date.


The winners will be announced during the Award Ceremony to be held in Rome at the Teatro Ateneo di Sapienza University of Rome (date and time will be communicated later). The Girls’ Eye-view team will award the winners on the same day.

All groups, Managers and Professors are invited to participate in the presence. Due to the limitations due to Covid-19, it will also be possible to participate remotely, online.
The professors in charge of the project in the schools are asked to communicate their participation and that of their groups (in presence or with online connection) by the deadline date by e-mail by attaching form B specifying in the subject of the e-mail: participation in the award ceremony wise video.

All the participating works will be viewed and evaluated by a Technical Jury.

The examining jury will evaluate and choose the best videos according to the following criteria and scores:

Originality, creative value 20
Communication skills and incentive to share and participate 20
Quality of content and language 30
References to girlhood (in relation to its complexity, diversity) 30



A Girls’ Eye Video Challenge is organized by the Girls’Eye-view project funded by the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council), a body of the English Ministry of Education which promotes and finances humanistic scientific research and is led by Danielle Hipkins (University of Exeter) and Romana Andò (Sapienza University of Rome) with their research team.

The data collected may be processed by authorized persons for archiving purposes (protocol and document conservation) and be communicated and disseminated within the scope of scientific research activities by the A Girls’Eye View team and for the time necessary to reach the project objectives. The provision of data is necessary for participation in the Competition.

The authors, with the signature of their representative in their school on the Registration Form, release the research team of the Girls’Eye View Project from any responsibility and from any kind of claim or claim by anyone who takes part in the work presented in the competition, even if it is screened in public. The Girls’ Eye View Project reserves the right to use them on a non-profit basis, for its own research purposes, and in particular for any demonstrations and events, on social networks and on its website, assuming the obligation to mention the school, without time limits. Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of this notice.

For more information, write to your project contact person

To consult the online call, visit the project website in the “events” section