Dr Maria Elena Alampi’s research activity

Dr Maria Elena Alampi is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter in Italian Studies and Film. She wrote a PhD Thesis about “The New Italian Cinema of Precarity” that investigates the Italian labour system’s representations, particularly the phenomenon of precarity in contemporary Italian cinema with a special focus on gender. She participates in and co-organises several research events such as the Italian Summer School 2019 with the department of Italian Studies at UoB, the annual 2021 PGR Symposium as Research Assistant for B-Film at the University of Birmingham, Let’s Queer It(aly) a cycle of online meeting about queer culture in Italy on behalf of the Department of Italian Studies of the University of Birmingham and for which they won the EDI SIS Award 2021. In 2020, she set up, together with Dr Francesco Sticchi from Oxford Brookes University, an academic international network called Cinematic Precarity Research Network which gathers scholars from all over the world.