What do you think about this project Leonardo?

What sort of films or TV shows on girlhood did you grow up watching?

The first TV series that comes to mind about girlhood is Veronica Mars, definitely one of my favourites. I really liked the fact that she resisted many adversities in life through sarcasm and humour, I have always recognised that in myself. Another TV series that does not speak specifically about girlhood, but more broadly about adolescence, is Skins. I have always found it very realistic with respect to certain problems that arise during adolescence (drug addiction, eating disorders, sexuality, bullying and so on). I remember one episode specifically, the second of the first season.  It is centred on Cassie, a slightly careless and very melancholy girl who suffers from anorexia. I relate with her from time to time, and I find that it is written with great sensitivity.

What are your favourite films or TV shows about girlhood today? 

I think Euphoria is a masterpiece. I really like the aesthetics (from the colours to the make-up, to the costumes) which are very reminiscent of the language of music videos. I find it brutal and violent exactly as adolescence can sometimes be. On a lighter note, Sex Education manages to talk about gigantic issues in simple and non-trivial ways.

What films or TV show that you know of now would you recommend to your younger self?

Sex Education would certainly be a TV series that I would recommend to myself as a young man. If I had looked at it when I was 16, I would probably have felt much less disoriented in understanding myself and my sexuality. Especially if you grow up in a provincial town, realising that you are somehow different can be a lonely and difficult experience. Probably, if I had watched Sex Education, I would have felt less alone.

What are you most looking forward to about working on this project?

From this project, I expect to understand the tastes of girls in terms of films and TV series, and to understand if and how they observe themselves through what they watch on the screen.