Cristina Ferretti’s Research Activity

Cristina Ferretti is a post-graduate research assistant in Fashion Studies at La Sapienza Università di Roma. Specialized in fashion sociology and communication, she wrote her master’s thesis entitled “Tales of the Dressing Room”, to explore the spaces of female privacy by reinterpreting them, on a historical excursus, as media tools of empowerment and as physical and virtual places where the symbolic, aesthetic and political value of the woman’s body is defined. She previously obtained her bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Costume Sciences at La Sapienza Università di Roma with a thesis in Fashion Photography about “The Pirelli Calendar”. The essay retraces the evolution of the aesthetic as well as erotic canons in the Fashion Industry’s context, through the works of the most important masters of fashion photography. She is currently taking part in this project as a scholar of the History, Anthropology, Religions, Art and Entertainment Department of Sapienza Università di Roma.