Ylenia Caputo

Ylenia Caputo is studying for a PhD in Cinema, Fotografia e Televisione at the University of Bologna. Her main areas of interest are teen culture and celebrity culture approached from the fields of media and social media studies. More precisely, she works on the representation and cultural function of the teen celebrities emerging from Italian cinematographic and television. Over the course of her studies, she has worked on gender, paying particular attention to the representation of women in the audiovisual industry. Her research led to a Master’s degree thesis on the evolution of gender stereotypes in the contemporary American situation comedy. She is a Junior Fellow in the Centre for International Research, CFC – Culture, Fashion, Communication – and the research group INC – Italian Research Network on Celebrity Culture. Her publications include: We Are Who We Are: Futuristic Teen Agers (ZoneModa Journal, 2020); Together at Home: il culto delle celebrità ai tempi del Coronavirus (ZoneModa Journal, 2020).