Stefania Antonioni

Stefania Antonioni is associate professor of Television Studies at the Department of Communication, Humanities and International Studies of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo. Her research interests include audience reception, TV seriality (with particular regard to Italian TV series and teen series), transmediality and branded entertainment. She authored the book Imagining. Serialità, narrazioni cinematografiche e fotografia nella pubblicità contemporanea (2016) and several articles, among which «SKAM Italia Did It Again». The Multiple Lives of a Format Adaptation from Production to Audience Experience, in “Critical Studies in Television”, 16(4), 2021 (forthcoming with L. Barra and C. Checcaglini); From Parenthood to Tutto può succedere. Ready-Made Elements and Cultural Translation, in “VIEW Journal of European Television History & Culture”, vol. 9, issue 17, 2020 (with C. Checcaglini).