Sonia Maria Melchiorre

Sonia Maria Melchiorre is Associate Professor at the University of Tuscia where she teaches English for Media and Communication. She also teaches Gender Studies (literature, language, media) for USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) of Viterbo. She has published in several countries in Europe on women studies, gender studies and LGBT+ studies. Most recently, her work has focused on the study of dialogue in TV series in English. She is presently the director of the international series GENDERISING. REDESIGNING GENDER for the Italian publisher Sette Città and was the director of the international conference GENDERCOM 8 (University of Tuscia 11-14 October 2022).At the University of Tuscia she is President of the CUG (Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employee Wellbeing and Non-Discrimination at Work) and referent person for the Gender Equality Plan.