Paola Brembilla

Paola Brembilla is an associate professor at the University of Bologna, where she teaches Television and Digital Media. In 2016, she earned her PhD in Television Studies at the same University. From 2017 to 2019, she was an adjunct professor of Theories and Techniques of Television Languages at the University of Padova.

Her interests concern the systemic intersection between business models, narrative models and socio-cultural contexts in television seriality and media franchises. She has also done research on these topics at the University of California – Berkeley as an exchange student and at the University of Wisconsin – Madison as a visiting scholar.  

She has been a speaker at several international conferences and she is the author of numerous publications, including articles, chapters and three books, “Game of Strategy. Analisi strategica del settore delle serie TV nell’industria televisiva statunitense”  (with E. Mollona, Giappichelli 2015), “It’s All Connected. L’evoluzione delle serie TV statunitensi” (Franco Angeli, 2018), “Desperate Housewives. Analisi della struttura drammaturgica della serie” (with G. Guidoni, Dino Audino 2022). With Ilaria A. De Pascalis, she edited the volume “Reading Contemporary Serial Television Universes. A Narrative Ecosystem Framework” (Routledge 2018).

She is journal manager of “SERIES. International Journal of TV serial Narratives” and Principal Investigator of the project “Social responsibility and woke-washing in Italian Rai fiction (2017-2022)”, funded under the AlmaIdea 2022 program.