Marta Perrotta

Marta Perrotta (PhD) born in Rome in 1977, is an associate professor at the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts at Roma Tre University, where she teaches Television and Radio Formats and Digital Media. She directs Roma Tre Radio, the college radio of Roma Tre University and she is Rector’s Delegate for Communication and Institutional Promotion. Her research publications include articles and books on tv production studies, comparative television studies, radio and sound studies with a focus on women’s role. Her latest book is Fare Radio. Formati, programmi e strategie per la radiofonia digitale, Audino 2017. Her latest chapter in a collection is From Niche to Mainstream. The emergence of a podcasting culture and market in the Italian radio context. In “The Routledge Companion to Radio and Podcast Studies”, edited by M. Lindberg and J. Loviglio, Routledge 2022.

She coordinates the international research group Women on air. Voices, professions and listening in radio and sound media, dedicated to the study of the history and present of women’s voices in radio, from the perspective of production cultures and listening cultures. The women’s voice, which has always been opposed in its public dimension, has been particularly so on the radio, and this still has repercussions today in the gender balance of those at the microphone. The project aims to highlight the historical and theoretical junctures of this path, while also observing the enormous impact radio has had on the development of female audiences. The research network of 16 scholars across different countries has been funded in the Call for Trilateral Research Conferences Italy-France-Germany 2022-24 by Villa Vigoni, the German-Italian Centre for European Dialogue.