Mariapaola Pierini

Mariapaola Pierini is associate professor of Film Studies at the University of Torino. Her scientific interests and researches are focused on the historical, theoretical, and stylistic features of screen acting. Her research is articulated on several topics, including the relation between acting and stardom in classical Hollywood cinema and in Italian cinema, star’s reception, actor-director relationship. Recently she started working on the contemporary landscape, with a specific focus on actor’s training, non-professional adolescent performers and acting coach in Italian contemporary cinema.

She is associate investigator the PRIN project “F-ACTOR. Forms of Contemporary Media Professional Acting. Training, Recruitment and Management, Social Discourses in Italy (2000-2020)”. She is founder member of CRAD – Research Centre on Actor and Stardom (Humanities Department of the University of Turin) and editor of the section ActorSegno on the magazine «Segnocinema».

Among her books: Prima del cinema. Il teatro di Orson Welles (2005); Attori e Metodo. Montgomery Clift, Marlon Brando, James Dean; e Marilyn Monroe (2006); Gary Cooper. Il cinema dei divi, l’America degli eroi (2011). She edited, with Emiliano Morreale, Racconti di cinema (2014); with Giulia Carluccio and Emiliano Morreale, Intorno al Neorealismo. Voci, contesti, linguaggi e culture dell’Italia del dopoguerra (2016).