Marco Cosimo Scarcelli

Cosimo Marco Scarcelli, PhD, is tenure-track Assistant Professor at department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology of the University of Padua. He teaches Digital Media (BD in communication) and Digital Culture, Gender and Society (MD in Strategies of Communication) and he is member of the board of PhD Programme in Social Sciences.
His research deals with sexuality, gender and digital culture; intimacies; pornography; masculinities; love and emotions; young people. He is particularly interested in qualitative and participatory research.

He has been the principal editor of the book Gender and sexuality in the European media (Routledge, 2021) and associate editor of The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media and Communication (Wiley, 2020).

He is member of the editorial board of Journal of Gender Studies and from 2016 to 2021 he served as vice-chair and then chair for ECREA’s Gender, Sexuality & Communication section.

Recent publications:

(2021), with D. Cardoso “The bodies of the (digitized) body: Experiences of sexual(ised) work on OnlyFans”, MedieKultur (2021), 37, 71, pp. 98-121

(2021), with P. Nixon and T. Krijen, “Sexuality, Gender, Media. Identity articulations in the contemporary media landscape”, Information, Communication and Society.

(2021), with Cardoso D., “Breaking the silence. Teens, sex information and the Internet in Italy and Portugal”, in C.M. Scarcelli, S. Baselga, C. Chronaki, S. De Vuyst (Eds), Gender and sexuality in the European media, Routledge, London.

(2020), “Teenage Perspectives on Sexting and Pleasure in Italy”, in L. Tsaliki e D. Chronaki (eds.), Discourses of anxiety about childhood and youth across cultures, Palgrave MacMillan, London.