Ilaria A. De Pascalis

Ilaria A. De Pascalis is an Associate Professor at the Dipartimento di Filosofia, Comunicazione e Spettacolo of Roma Tre University. Her main research interests concern European contemporary cinema within a transnational perspective, extended narratives and globalization. Particularly, she has investigated the configuration of subjectivities through the lens of Feminist Film Theory, Gender Studies and Queer Theory. She has regularly dealt with the representation of girlhood in Italian and transnational cinema and TV series. Some of her studies on this topic can be found in Commedia nell’Italia contemporanea (published by Il Castoro in 2012) and in Il cinema europeo contemporaneo: scenari transnazionali, immaginari globali (published by Bulzoni in 2015). She has taken part in several international conferences, such as the 3rd WFTHN International Conference in 2016, the SCMS Virtual Conference in 2021 and some conferences organized by FAScinA – Studiose di Cinema e Audiovisivi Forum, whose papers are published in the magazine Arabeschi).