Flavia Franguelli

Flavia Franguelli is a master degree student in Translation at the University of Turin. With specific concern to her specialization languages, Arabic and English, she focuses her research on the relationship between gender and translation. In 2018, her bachelor dissertation at the University of Catania dealt with the translation of Zakariyya Tamer’s collection of short stories Breaking Knees, where sexually dissolute feminine characters who overturn the social order are used by Tamer as a sharp satire against the Syrian regime. Currently, Flavia is working on her master degree thesis on the Italian translation of the British teen drama Sex Education. The research investigates how subtitles and dubbing may affect the representation of multilayered sexual identities and orientations, as well as the messages on sex positivity and gender-based violence. Flavia is taking part in this project as a trainee with an Erasmus Traineeship scholarship.