Daniel Paul

Daniel Paul is an assistant professor of Italian at Brigham Young University and affiliated faculty for the Global Women’s Studies and International Cinema Studies programs. His research centres around adolescent identities and explores themes such as media representations of masculinity, social media use, and sexuality. In addition to these topics, he is also interested in disabilities studies, serial television, streaming platforms, superheroes, and graphic novels, among others. He is the author of “Marking Their Territory: Male Adolescence Abroad in Recent Italian Teen Film” (California Italian Studies, 7:1, 2017) and has a forthcoming chapter titled “Call Me by Your Name, Chrononormativity, and the (Queer?) Future of Italian Teen Film” in an edited volume on the Guadagnino film. His current projects include a video essay about the Netflix series Baby (2018-2020) which examines the social media narratives that the series’ protagonists Chiara and Ludovica tell about themselves; and an article in which he proposes the series as a potential turning point for more positive representations of female sexuality.