Chiara Checcaglini

Chiara Checcaglini is Adjunct Professor of International Reception of Italian Cinema at the University of Bologna. She completed her Ph.D. in Sociology and Communication Studies at the University of Urbino; her research interests revolve around media and contemporary serial narratives from different perspectives: distribution and reception of audiovisual contents, online and offline audience practices, issues of representation in cinema, television and on social media. She has participated in projects about film education in schools and she has taught courses and seminars about media education, transmedia storytelling, serial narratives, film and television criticism; she is currently focusing on girlhood and girls’ representation in teen series, both Italian and international. Among many articles and conference papers on such topics, she presented talks about girls’ agency and girls’ friendship in Italian TV series at GeMMA Conference and FAScinA Forum, and she co-authored From Parenthood to Tutto può succedere. Ready-made elements and cultural translation, in “VIEW Journal of European Television History & Culture”, 2020 (with S. Antonioni) and SKAM Italia did it again”. The multiple lives of a format adaptation from production to audience experience, in “Critical Studies in Television”, 2021 (with L. Barra and S. Antonioni). She also regularly writes reviews and essays about films and TV series and she is currently a contributor for the TV Series section of the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. In 2014 she authored the book Breaking Bad. La chimica del male: storia, temi, stile (Mimesis).